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Author and keynote speaker

Torben Wiese is one of Denmark’s most motivating speakers. He has inspired more than 300,000 people on the topics: of habit breaking, motivation, job satisfaction, mental health and presence, stress, and sales. In an energetic, funny, and activating way, he focuses on the importance of change, why it’s difficult – and how you do it.

Since Torben Wiese left business school he has been working in change, sales, service, and motivating both customers and employees. He has operated as a sales director, senior partner, and co-owners of one of the biggest Scandinavian consulting companies. He is also the founder and owner of the company, Habitmanager. Torben Wiese has more than 30 years of experience in change, sales, and leadership.

He has a deeper knowledge of how both private and public company and organization thinks and works. Through his extensive knowledge, Torben Wiese is able to directly put his finger on where the challenge for an organization and will help you solve it.

Torben has also written several bestselling books, including ”Break the habit and reach your goals”, ”Bend the fish while it is fresh – and reach bigger goals” and most recently ”Catch your crises – Personal, at Home and at Work”


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Populära rubriker: Break the habit and reach your goals | Habits and mergers | Sales, habits and negotiation | Well-being, job satisfaction and habits | Nudge the habits | Sustainable management

Torben Wiese

Author and keynote speaker

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