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Wealth Coach | Investor | Entrepreneur

Terhi Majasalmi is a serial entrepreneur, an influencer in the money and investment world and a real estate investor. In 1995 she became interested in managing her own finances due to her father’s unemployment. Terhis own wealth story began on March 31, 1998, when she deposited her first FIM 1,000 in an ASP account.

Over the years, Terhi has worked extensively around wealth. The first work The Truth About Your Economy was released in 2012, The Schoolboy’s Booklet 2016 and The Enrichment 2018. Terhi is a sought after speaker and coach in her home country. She has also performed abroad, including in England and Switzerland. For the past six years, Terhi has been actively investing in the US real estate market.

Terhi created the Vauras Nainen concept in 2008. In ten years, Vauras Nainen has grown into a Facebook community of 54,000 members through coaching, talk shows, TV and radio appearances and numerous blog posts. Vauras Nainen services include Vauras Nainen membership, evenings and coaching.

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Terhi Majasalmi

Terhi Majasalmi

Wealth Coach | Investor | Entrepreneur

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