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Mentor | Business Development Director

After 20 yeas in high tech Pekka Pohjakallio is passionate about us humans. How to flourish at work? Is change possible? How to move from coping to excitement and flourishing? Therefor, his engineering degree has bee amended by studies of logotherapy and positive psychology. During his 19 year Nokia career Pekka lead business units, marketing units, and innovation.

They all had one thing in common: creating something new in a new way. After Nokia Pekka Pohjakallio and Saku Tuominen founded 925 Design, where they redesigned the working week for knowledge workers and studies what happens to ideas in companies. Parallel to that Pekka was an investor and board member in various tech start-ups.

Currently Pekka is working at Hintsa Performance and is in charge of global accounts, corporate business products, and coaches and mentors their clients.

As a speaker Pekka wants to encourage people to face difficult topics with his positive and excited approach.

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Populära rubriker: Revolution of work | Better Life, Better Performance | How to with the robots? | The transformative power of mindset

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Pekka Pohjakallio

Mentor | Business Development Director

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