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Paula Immo is a success coach and speaker, who challenges you to consider how profoundly your thoughts, words, actions and values actually affect your life. She turns your attention into the ever necessary inner work, in order for you to be a truly constructive part of the society, organization, enterprise, or even a family. For you to truly succeed as you.

”The only work one needs to do is the work within. And everything else follows.” -Paula Immo

Clarity is your superpower on any venture you take, says Paula Immo. When you are clear, it’s much easier to take desired action. Yet, maintaining clarity in the midst of everyday hustle isn’t always the easiest job. As humans, we constantly tell stories in our minds about what is happening around us, seeking to make more sense and to understand. When our mind is fuzzy with all the stories, it’s nearly impossible to act intentionally.

Paula Immo is also an in demand expert in CPTSD coaching, Schindler’s Human Needs and a great many other areas. When speaking, Paula recognizes that not everyone in the audience is the ’no pain, no gain’ -type, pushing forward with pure willpower, as for some it’s more natural to pull back and make sure all is good for others in challenging situations. She acknowledges the different survival strategies and awakens people to notice how their mind actually works and how it affects everything you do.

Paula has coached boards of directors, executive committees, management teams and personnel internationally for years. Her insightfulness and practicality is highly appreciated.

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Paula Immo

Success coach

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