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Lead Now, Manage Later - Leading Through Rocky Waters

The leadership vacuum is prevalent everywhere worldwide in government politics, corporation CEOs, entrepreneurs, in companies that struggle and parts are sold off because leadership vacuum is not a good foundation to build a transformation process. Transformation cries for direction, simplicity, clarity, and consequence.

Paul is a frank and no-nonsense consultant and interims manager, who has come to the conclusion that too many leaders in too many companies manage, but don’t lead. Paul has 25 years of business leadership experience from corporations, as a start-up entrepreneur, as a technology industry entrepreneur, LBO’s.

He made an LBO just 2 weeks before Lehmann Brothers filed for Chapter 11 and made the company grow 50% in 18 months during a global crisis.
His clients are usually in trouble – big time. He has helped Private Equity funds, small and medium-size enterprises, and stock listed companies in getting out of dire situations.

The lack of leadership in companies results in countless meetings that go nowhere, reports that are not read, and employees who don’t follow and only get frustrated. Arriving at companies on the brink of disaster, Paul has found time and again that managers reach their comfort points in niches and stay there, safe but never productive.

Paul’s message is blunt and straight-shooting about real-life situations in corporations and SMEs and translating the experiences made into clear and useful lessons learned in leadership. And at the same time he is very humble and clear.

His message is for a wide audience of corporate managers, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and persons who have to lead people, particularly in change situations. All working life people can relate to his message and improve behavior models.

He is the author of “Lead Now, Manage Later; The Straight-Shooter´s Guide to Business Success» which is highly endorsed by world champion ice hockey coaches, entrepreneurs, and US military leaders.

Paul is the only European writing article’s to the well-known North American magazine Industry Week.”

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Lead Now, Manage Later - Leading Through Rocky Waters

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