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Patrick “Pata” Degerman is Finland’s only professional explorer. Pata has planned and led several expeditions, which have taken him from the extremely cold polar areas to the deepest jungles of our world. Nine of these expeditions have been to unexplored areas. In addition to this Pata have climbed over 200 mountains which 22 have been first ascents (Mt. Sisu, Mt. Finland, Mount Suomi on Antarctica)

There are many parallels between how companies perform and how things are done on these kind of expeditions. Both are faced with unknown things, and to reach your goals, you need to be creative, trust in your team and even sometimes step outside your comfort zone. During the lectures Pata Degerman provides ideas and concrete tools for getting complete trust inside the team, setting the goals and how to achieve them. Through stories, pictures and videos from different expeditions, Pata will illustrated a variety of opportunities for new models of thought and action.

Absolute strength Patrick ”Pata” Degerman has is the ability to combine his experience with different organizations and their employees. He has spoken to blue collar workers in cold ware houses, to board members of big, international enterprises. The content of the lectures are smoothly changed to suit customer happenings, sales meetings, the management strategy meetings, kick-offs or large public events.

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Pata Degerman

Patrick ”Pata” Degerman


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