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Former Astronaut & CEO at Foale Aerospace Inc

Michael Foale a British-American astrophysicist and former NASA astronaut, has one of the most impressive careers in the space and technology industry. He is passionate about space travel and exploring the possibilities of getting more and more people into space.

During his 26 exciting years in NASA’s astronaut corps, Michael built up some impressive figures, while experiencing some almost catastrophic incidences in space. Going into space on six trips, he did four space walks and accumulating 375 days spent in orbit, Michael was at one point a record holder for the most cumulative time spent in orbit by a US astronaut. Michael is perhaps most recognised for his capable handling of a potentially disastrous incident when he saved the Mir space station. A collision meant that the station began to leak air. The astronauts on board desperately tried to seal the leak. Michael is the Founder of Foale Aerospace, a company that specialises in providing technical services to the aerospace industry as well as STEM education via astronaut talks to students and the public.

Following the Mir mission, he was asked to build the current NASA leadership training. Michael Foale explains the highly successful teamwork and leadership training model used by NASA and ISS which has a clear application in the corporate world.

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Michael Foale

Former Astronaut & CEO at Foale Aerospace Inc

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