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Markku Wilenius is a professor of Futures Studies in Turku University Business School. He is also an Unesco Chair in Learning Society and Futures of Education. He has worked over 20 years with Futures Studies. In 2015 he co-founded Turku Complex Systems Institute at the University of Turku.

His latest research program is the future of cities and communities in which he is developing tools and method to understand the long-term development of urban areas. He was the chair of the vision committee of Turku, second most important urban area in Finland. The vision received highly positive feedback and had plenty of media coverage.

He is the president of two foundations. He has also worked with Allianz, world largest private insurer, leading their strategic research and development. He is a member of Club of Rome and has led Finnish delegation in Johannesburg Sustainable Development Summit. He has published books and articles widely. His most recent book is born out of his interest on long-term socio-economic waves and is called “Patterns of the Future. Understanding the Next 40 Years of Global Change” (World Scientific, London, 2017).

As a speaker, Markku Wilenius is known as a charismatic and confident performer who inspires his listeners with his colorful slideshows and his innovative performance technique, which has developed over the years. He is a highly respected and demanded speaker at big conferences and fairs as well as a leader of small group discussions. His expertise can be seen as highly relevant to today’s complex challenges.

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Markku Wilenius

Markku Wilenius


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