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Author & Entreprenour

Kathrine Aspaas welcomes you to The Emotion Revolution!

Why is emotional strength becoming crucial for growth and development in business? Because our jobs are changing.

When powerful technology provides us with artificial intelligence, digitalization and robotics, we, humans can develop even further what is unique to us:

– How do we nurture our guts?
– How do we deal with obstacles and disappointment?
– How do we lift our spirit and persevere?
– How do we develop courage and innovation-skills?
– How do we nurture empathy and cooperation-skills?

These are muscles that can be trained, and science have shown us how to do it. It’s simple, daily practice.

After 25 years as a financial journalist, on the lookout for everything that was wrong in business, Katherine Aspaas has become to help leaders and businesses to thrive in Industry 4.0.

I love to see how emotional strength is fueling innovation, connection and results, for people, teams and businesses.

Get ready for a fun, different and empowering emotional workout with Kathrine Aspaas!

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Kathrine Aspaas

Kathrine Aspaas

Author & Entreprenour

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