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CEO | Strategist | Columnist | Global Keynote Speaker

JP Hanson is the chief executive for international consultancy Rouser, a globally recognized authority on business and marketing strategy, columnist for MarketingWeek and a popular headline speaker. He has delivered keynotes at some of the most prestigious events in the world, from Reykjavik to Mumbai and London to Dubai, always with an equally entertaining and refreshing no-nonsense approach.

JP Hanson is known for his firm belief in critical thinking, observable evidence and complete freedom from hype, expect JP, a former lawyer, to make the audience see the world in a new light with plenty of laughs (and toes being stepped on) along the way.

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Populära rubriker: The biggest problem in marketing | The myths of marketing - fact vs fiction. Innovation strategy in a digital world | The business case for diversity | The strategic role of agile | The perverse incentives of short-term tactics


JP Hanson

CEO | Strategist | Columnist | Global Keynote Speaker

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