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Author & Hacker Extraordinaire

Joshua Klein is a fervent hacker who will hack anything that moves. His latest project, though charmingly low-tech, has amazing implications for the human-animal interface. Right now, he is working at Frog Design as a Principal Technologist, while developing mobile/social applications, health care-related systems and other tools that improve people’s lives.

Joshua Klein has practised, both formally and informally, the fine art of hacking across many fields, social systems, computer networks, institutions, consumer hardware, animal behaviour, and, most recently, the publishing industry. The unusual, the unexpected, and the effective pepper Klein’s work. He has come up with an elegant machine that may form a new bond between animal and human. He also spends a significant amount of time consulting to companies large and small, such as Microsoft, Oracle, Frog Design, Nokia, Johns Hopkins, Bankinter, The United States Office of the Director of National Intelligence and others. When he’s not taking things apart or putting them back together again he speaks, writes, and consults on new and emerging technologies that improve people’s lives.

Joshua Klein helps his global audiences discover how common opinion has short-sighted the impact and opportunity of the biggest trends we’ve all misunderstood. Most of his time is spent speaking to companies and at conferences such as World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos, Gadgetoff, TED, SICS, LA-IP, BIF, and Serious Play, and he has appeared on the Sundance Channel, Nova, and other programs.

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Joshua Klein

Author & Hacker Extraordinaire

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