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Jonas Petter Barvé has made a vow; everything he does has to benefit society and lead toward supporting a sustainable future. With over 25 years of experience, and as the co-founder of the sustainable innovations company Emension Group, it is clear that Jonas Petter Barvé has become an expert on the subject of leadership for sustainability.

How do you lead your team in times of unprecedented uncertainty?

Jonas Petter Barvé believes that we need courageous leaders who dare to meet the unknown. Leaders should be willing to leave old systems and patterns. Thus build new realities, work from resilience and collaborate to engage and inspire the people around them.

A frequent subject Jonas Petter Barvé is passionate about is Leaders for sustainability. But what does that mean? Leaders of Sustainability are individuals who understand the predicament the world is in. These are the people who can see where we are heading ahead of time. As a result of this ability, they elevate their ideas and act in unconventional ways to facilitate change.

How do we go from Ego To Eco?

To become leaders for sustainability, Jonas Petter Barvé believes that we need to face our addiction to the problem and arrive at a place in ourselves where we can take action. Therefore, Jonas Petter Barvé educates on how leaders become ’change makers’ – on all levels. Meaning, how we can operate with responsibility, accountability, and transparency.

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Jonas Petter Barvé


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