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Former Prime Minister of Sweden

Göran Persson is the former Prime Minister of Sweden. He was leader of the Swedish Social Democratic Party, stepping down after the 2006 General Election. Since leaving the political realm, Persson holds the position of Chairman of Sveaskog, a leading Swedish forestry business.

“Leading Expert on the Swedish Financial Model”

Göran Persson is more widely known for his term as Finance Minister, when he introduced dramatic welfare cuts and tax increases to address a severe budget deficit. The ‘Persson Plan’ is seen by many as a blueprint for rebalancing the economy. During his premiership he dealt with the Gothenburg riots, the murder of a Foreign Minister and the fall-out from the publication of anti-Islamic cartoons in Denmark.  He continued to implement welfare cuts and tax increases, which put Sweden in a position to qualify for the European economic and monetary union in just four years. His measures meant that the ‘Swedish model’ of welfare society was, and still is, held as a shining example throughout Europe.

Göran Persson has unique and broad experience in Public Affairs, Financial Markets, Mergers & Aquisitions, international politics and the EU. He is known for his broad, personal knowledge of issues like climate-change, European relations with Russia, and the challenges to the welfare state. He shares his experience of steering economic recovery with business audiences across the world.

Göran Persson is known for his oratorical prowess, often dispensing with prepared speeches or preparing them without the aid of his staff.

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Goran Persson Profile

Göran Persson

Former Prime Minister of Sweden

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