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Thought Leader, Online Innovator & Former Chief Scientist of

Andreas S. Weigend is one of the world’s leading innovators, an expert in social and mobile technologies, consumer behaviour and digital marketing. He directs the Social Data Lab, teaches at Stanford University and UC Berkeley and his research centres on how ongoing social data revolution impacts consumers, companies, and society.

Andreas is an engaging and entertaining speaker, he focuses on important, often hard questions and uses carefully chosen examples from his extensive network and vast expertise to expound on these questions. His goal is to challenge the minds of the audience. Andreas shares his insights on the untapped power of data, challenging the minds of his audiences to help them understand the irreversible change in how individuals express themselves, relate to each other and make purchasing and lifestyle decisions. As a much sought-after international speaker, Andreas Weigend shows what amazing possibilities data offers and what the social data revolution means for people, businesses and society.

Andreas Weigend graduated in physics, electrical engineering and philosophy in Munich, Cambridge and Stanford. He was the chief scientist at, where he focused on data strategy and the customer-centric culture that has become central to Amazon’s success. Andreas teaches at Stanford (Data Mining), Berkeley (Marketing), and in China (Tsinghua) – his work with students and clients provides him with a precious flow of new ideas constantly enhancing his 15 years of experience. As a member of the German Federal Government’s Digital Council, he believes that data monopolists like Amazon, Facebook and Google have to make the data that they use commercially available to all. Dr. Weigend sees the data as the global capital of our digital age. He is the author of the book “Data for the People”, in which he describes what Silicon Valley does with our data and what data rights he think it needs.

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Andreas Weigend

Thought Leader, Online Innovator & Former Chief Scientist of

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