Resilience and overcoming adversities Bruce Dickinson

Bruce Dickinson live streamed from Paris

Does heavy metal protect us from the Coronavirus?

This is one of the questions that Bruce Dickinson answered during his live-streamed with MySpeaker on April 29th. The question came from one of our customers that participated in our event. Bruce is a true believer in positivism and what it does to people. And the answer to the question? -It has to! 

We need to build resilience, adding it to our personality, starting from when we are kids. Even if you are not born that way, we can all learn to bend, not to break. Collaborate and work together with the people around you. Any fall is uncomfortable, but what can you do to make it a little bit more comfortable? One of my takeaways from today’s seminar, besides my empty lunchbox, was that the lead singer of Iron Maiden has a true drive and an authentic personality. As Bruce said, be a believer. If you are a person that dreams big or dare much, don’t let other people take that away from you, just because they don’t have that same ability. They may not be able to see things the way you do, maybe they just don’t have that kind of vision.

Some key phrases from today: 
Never say die
You can always bounce back
There will always be a tomorrow

Some thoughts from a different kind of lunch entertainment today, Bruce Dickinson live-streamed from his apartment in Paris. And if the physical meeting is dead? No. Then we would never have left the caves in the first place.


– Nina Spegel, Country Manager – MySpeaker Sweden

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