What do the top companies in the world do differently?

And what can we learn from them?

A lecture with Anssi Rantanen in Stockholm, November 24th

The world is changing more rapidly than ever before: exponential technologies are disrupting most industries, consumer buying behaviors can change overnight and natural black swans such as pandemics can upend even the most secure businesses.
How do the most successful companies thrive in this fast-changing landscape and build systems that ensure continuous growth?
In this fast-paced and exhilarating talk Anssi will answer this simple question. 
As a previous Google employee and current growth strategist at Growth Tribe Academy, Anssi Rantanen specialises in studying the fastest growing companies in the world to understand what they do differently. 
You’ll learn about why mindset is key to success and how to change it, the value of experimentation and why psychological safety is the most important foundational pillar for stellar teamwork.

Anssi Rantanen

Finland CEO at Growth Tribe Academy

Anssi Rantanen is an entrepreneur, ex-Google employee and strategist, that won the 2019 Nordic Business Forum speaker competition.

In October 2019 Anssi spoke in front of 7600+ people and received the 4th highest score from all the 13 Nordic Business Forum speakers. Anssi was also the highest ranking male at the event.

Anssi Rantanen talks about how the fastest growing companies in the world systematise their growth. Continuous learning and experimentation in both innovation and scaling products and services are at the heart of this new way of driving growth. Anssi’s examples come from large companies such as Google, Amazon and Skyscanner and small companies as well.

Anssi has a unique combination of technology-optimisim and human-centric thinking: his 3-year stint at Google gave him a frontrow seat to the technology revolution and into how the technology giant creates a culture of intrapreneurialism and continuous experimentation.

Today Anssi Rantanen is the Finland CEO of the education company Growth Tribe Academy. Growth Tribe Academy is the first and largest growth academy in Europe.