Diversity / Inclusion

Barakat Ghebrehawariat

Barakat Ghebrehawariat is a political scientist, journalist and entrepreneur who thinks we should communicate more with each other. Barakat is a popular speaker, advisor and …

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Siduri Poli profilbild

Siduri Poli

Siduri Poli is an award-winning serial entrepreneur, investor and author who knows how innovation and new technologies must be linked to democracy and inclusion if …

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Urban Björn profilbild

Urban Björn

Urban Björn is an economist and for more than 15 years was business manager and SVP in Investment and Corporate Banking. He changed tracks and …

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Parul Sharma profilbild

Parul Sharma

Parul Sharma has many years of experience in the area of sustainability, human rights and anti-corruption in high risk markets. Parul is the CEO at …

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Yomi Abiola profilbild

Yomi Abiola

Yomi Abiola advises organizations on innovation through the application of diversity and integration. Through a deep cultural understanding and experience of leading diverse teams, she …

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Nadim Ghazale profilbild

Nadim Ghazale

Nadim Ghazale is a police officer and keynote speaker. In 2022 he published his book, co-written with journalist Sara Nygren, “Min väg från flykting till …

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Shefali Roy profilbild

Shefali Roy

Shefali Roy is an Angel investor and invests globally in startups at the pre seed, seed and A rounds in companies building products in Fintech, …

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Kirsten Weiss profilbild

Kirsten Weiss

Kirsten Weiss is an entertaining Danish speaker and the author of several books about cross-cultural teamwork and Scandinavian leadership and management style. She addresses the …

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Katrine Marcal profilbild

Katrine Marçal

Katrine Marçal is an award-winning author, journalist and keynote speaker. Her first book “Who Cooked Adam Smith’s Dinner” has been translated into more than 20 …

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Fredrik Haghammar profilbild

Fredrik Heghammar

Fredrik Heghammar is a born maker, expert in innovation and digital production, with extensive blue chip and high profile experience. After completing his education at …

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Adrian Gilpin profilbild

Adrian Gilpin

Adrian Gilpin is the founder and driving force behind the Institute of Human Development. Adrian’s work in the field of leadership development and peak performance …

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Annie Lennox profilbild

Annie Lennox

Annie Lennox OBE is one of the world’s most renowned singer songwriters, formerly with the Eurythmics. She is celebrated as an innovator, an icon and …

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Hanna Wallensteen profilbild

Hanna Wallensteen

Inclusion, Exclusion and Minority Stress in the Workplace Since the summer of 2020 most organizations have realized the importance of raising awareness and knowledge in …

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Sofia Rasmussen profilbild

Sofia Rasmussen

Sofia Rasmussen is a trend analyst, lecturer, moderator, author, and was appointed one of Sweden’s 101 super talents in 2019 by Veckans Affärer. She lectures …

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Karin Callin profilbild

Karin Callin

Diversity and inclusion are nowadays a given – right? It should be, as well as the fact that it can be directly linked to business …

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Mary Juusela profilbild

Mary Juusela

Mary Juusela is one of the Nordic region’s foremost experts in values, tolerance and humane sustainability. She lectures on human behavior and on how individuals …

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Lisa Ekström profilbild

Lisa Ekström

Lisa Ekström is a well-known Swedish speaker and inspirational performer. Lisa Ekström is the founder of the company Kamoja. The company name and word Kamoja …

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Staffan Ehde profilbild

Staffan Ehde

How do we build value for everybody? Everybody meaning the customers, staff and owners. Staffan has been an evangelist for 20 years that the purpose …

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Anna Starrin profilbild

Anna Frankzen Starrin

In times of exponential technology development, exponential behavioral changes also occur. Anna Frankzen Starrin is the cultural anthropologist and trend analyst who has come to …

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Shahrzad Kiavash profilbild

Shahrzad Kiavash

What do we do when life does not play out as expected? Shahrzad Kiavash was 28 years old, happy and healthy when she suddenly got …

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Fredrik Haren profilbild

Fredrik Hären

Fredrik Hären is an author and keynote speaker on Business Creativity, Change and Global Business who has delivered 2,000 presentations in over 60 countries on …

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Tobias Degsell profilbild

Tobias Degsell

Tobias Degsell likes data, views the world in patterns, and is gifted with brilliantly explaining complex things in simpler words. Besides being labeled as a …

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Charlotte Signahl profilbild

Charlotte Signahl

In the last two decades, Charlotte Signahl has been talking about “unpleasant” topics i.e. undesired powerstructures between people in groups, organizations and in society. How …

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Frida Boisen

Frida Boisen

Frida Boisen, world champion in social media, shares concrete and super-efficient tips on how to boost your business with social media. Would you like to …

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