Internationella talare

The demand of International Keynote Speakers increases

“The Cooperation with CSA supports MySpeaker’s strategy to open a channel for international speakers to enter the Swedish and Nordic markets. Swedish companies are investing more and more in quality content and know-how. Our cooperation with CSA, founded in 1983 and operating in 16 countries outside the Nordics also strengthens our goal to support Swedish and Finish speakers to enter international speaking engagements”, says MySpeaker CEO Johan Sjöstrand.

MySpeaker and CSA Celebrity Speakers’ unique cooperation enables the import of international expertise and speakers to Swedish companies and events. MySpeaker has a strong understanding of Swedish companies’ speaker needs and it has been acknowledged that clients are investing more and more in international speakers. For example, there is a demand for speakers like Simon SinekRandi Zuckerberg, Costas Markides, Marcus BuckinghamPierluigi Collina and Anne Lise Kjaer.

On the other hand, Nordic speakers with international potential will now also start a collaboration with CSA through MySpeaker, such as 2019 years Nordic Business Forum speaker contest winner Anssi Rantanen.
“We have been looking for a business partner in the Nordic countries and we are delighted to start a cooperation with MySpeaker. There is a growing demand for Nordic keynote speakers. The Nordic know-how, competence, and down to earth thinking combined with a high level of expertise and experience is becoming a greatly valued asset globally. I am also happy for MySpeaker to introduce and present some of the international speakers in our portfolio to Swedish and Nordic clients”,  says Dagmar O´Toole, Director at CSA Celebrity Speakers.