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MySpeaker Rhetorich

MySpeaker develops Rhetorich, a world-class AI technology for improving public speaking

Digitalisation, robotisation and automation are dominating the growth discourse of almost every industry. Considered one of the most complex human skill to acquire, public speaking has long been thought to be more of an art than a science. Yet, in the recent years, AI vision and voice technologies have evolved at such a pace, that human speaking performance can be produced, analysed and significantly improved in ways never thought possible only five years ago.

Tech giants, large clusters of academics and start-ups have invested billions in creating robots that can speak more and more like humans and understand human speech and expression at a staggeringly high level of precision. There has been more research in understanding human voice and vision in the past five years than in the last fifty. Many established scientific “truths” about public speaking have been debunked and important insights about the real impact of human speech have been discovered. With the MySpeaker Rhetorich™ project, MySpeaker wishes to be at the global forefront of technological development and utilisation of the latest scientific findings and knowledge in public speaking.

“We set out to combine the best of both worlds to give everyone the Power to Empower” says Johan Sjöstrand, the CEO of MySpeaker. He adds, “We have received funding from Business Finland and we have the best team and partners to create a new global platform that will transform public speaking.” The technology development work is led by the company’s Chairman, André Noël Chaker who is an award-winning speaker and has conducted years of research in the field. The technology is developed in co-operation with SILO AI.

“Public Speaking is an incredible lever for change, used well it gives the speaker immense Power to Empower. It is such a privilege to be able to leverage cutting edge technology to elevate this fine and ancient art for the benefit of anyone aiming to change the world with their words” explains Galith Nadbornik, the company’s Chief Technologist who is also the winner of the Voice of Women in Tech competition in 2019. The team also includes Christophe Buyle, the project’s business intelligence specialist.

“It’s been great to work with MySpeaker on this exciting and fast-paced project says Peter Sarlin, the CEO of SILO AI. Having cutting-edge technologies to be used in something that anyone can and should adopt is always a pleasure. Together with MySpeaker, we’re on the path of empowering people with better skills in expressing themselves.”

Chaker sums it up this way, “Our goal is to create a new platform that will support and encourage all public speakers to reach new heights in audience understanding, persuasion and action”. We invite anyone interested in co-creating the next generation of public speaking tools and community building to join us in our work”

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