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Malcolm Lorri profilbild

Malcolm Larri

Malcolm Larri is one of today’s most respected and in demand speakers and conference hosts. Malcolm had hosted over 50 industry events, company conferences and …

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Sanna Balsvik profilbild

Sanna Balsvik

After twenty years of being a leader within the tv-industry at SVT (Swedish Public broadcasting), Sara Balsvik is now an entrepreneur working as a moderator, …

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Paulina Modlitba profilbild

Paulina Modlitba

Paulina Modlitba holds a degree in media technology from both KTH and MIT Media Lab and has many years of experience working with communication, marketing …

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Karin Winther profilbild

Karin Winther

Karin Winther is a producer, creator, and digital strategist with more than 10 years of experience in TV, communication, and digitalization. Karin hosted several TV-shows …

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Anna Kardell profilbild

Anna Olin Kardell

Anna Olin Kardell is one of the most merited and experienced moderators in Sweden, and has more than 25 years on stage, in front of …

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Sabijne von Gaffke profilbild

Sabinije von Gaffke

Sabinije von Gaffke is a highly experienced, esteemed and awarded international Moderator, Facilitator, Speaker, Broadcast Journalist and Communications Catalyst in the intersection of Tech, Leadership, …

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Catarina Rolfsdotter-Jansson profilbild ny

Catarina Rolfsdotter-Jansson

Catarina Rolfsdotter-Jansson is an expert moderator and devoted workshop-leader facilitating sustainable development in many aspects and areas. Her work is based on her journalistic profession …

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Beata Wickbom profilbild

Beata Wickbom

Beata Wickbom has moderated over 500 events, conferences and meetings. Topics where she has deep expertise include: digitalization, innovation, IT, business development , communication, leadership, …

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Anna Bellman profilbild

Anna Bellman

Anna is no ordinary moderator. She used to be the marketing and communication director for Capgemini Sweden for a start. She has also founded a communication agency …

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Christoffer Weiss + Moderator

Christoffer Weiss

Christoffer is a dynamic and energetic speaker who has an extensive experience in the event world, spanning over 17 years, as a producer, speaker and …

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Frida Boisen + Moderator

Frida Boisen

Frida Boisen, world champion in social media, shares concrete and super-efficient tips on how to boost your business with social media. Would you like to …

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Katja Pantzar + Moderator

Katja Pantzar

Katja Pantzar is a Helsinki-based writer, editor, broadcast journalist, and English-language event host who also speaks Finnish. Raised in Canada with stints in the UK …

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Pep Rosenfeld + Moderator

Pep Rosenfeld

Pep Rosenfeld does it all: event host & facilitator, writer, stand-up comedian, public speaker, coach, and developer of innovative corporate programs. Pep hosts events like …

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Perttu Pölönen + Moderator

Perttu Pölönen

Perttu Pölönen is a Disruption Analyst, Most Creative Finn, winner of the European Union Contest for Young Scientists Perttu Pölönen is an inventor, futurist, composer …

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Antoni Lacinai + Moderator

Antoni Lacinai

Antoni Lacinai is a known as an energetic and insightful Keynote Speaker, focusing on great communication, attractive goals and effective meetings. And he loves networking. “Sharing …

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Helena Åhman + Moderator

Helena Åhman

Helena Åhman is a passionate observer of the human mind and expert on leadership, pressured situations, situational awareness and conflict management. She describes these phenomena …

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André Noël Chaker + Moderator

André Noël Chaker

André Noël Chaker is one of Finland’s leading business speakers and writers. He was voted Speaker of the Year 2012 by the customers of Speakers …

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