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Sanna Balsvik - Moderator

Moderator, facilitator and host

After twenty years of being a leader within the tv-industry at SVT (Swedish Public broadcasting), Sara Balsvik is now an entrepreneur working as a moderator, emcee, and facilitator or workshop leader.

As a moderator, Sanna Balsvik works in Swedish or English and, of course, both via digital platforms or IRL on stage.

Recent assignments include Oxy Talks, a webinar series where Sanna meets and interviews different profiles and managers about their take on leadership, business development, and sustainable organizations, and an educational lecture series on presentation techniques for the Swedish mining company Sandvik. Sanna’s future assignments include four days of moderating at the Uppsala Health Summit and being the moderator of a panel discussion at Uppsala Pride.

Sanna Balsvik combines her background of being a leader and in top management for many years, with solid experience of being on stage talking (and singing) in front of an audience.

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Sanna Balsvik

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