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Anna Bellman - Moderator

Moderator and keynote speaker

Anna is no ordinary moderator. She used to be the marketing and communication director for Capgemini Sweden for a start. She has also founded a communication agency and worked with technology and finance companies large and small. Anna’s insights provide a point of difference as a moderator. She is able to weave diverse themes into a coherent narrative while encouraging engagement from the audience.

Anna Bellman has worked as a professional moderator for many years. She started her career as a journalist for radio and television, she has been the marketing and communication director for Capgemini Sweden for nine years, one of the world’s biggest it- and management consulting companies, and she has founded a communication agency where she helped customers with strategic marketing development. Her business experience, from both large and small companies and from many different sectors, is a great asset in her work as a moderator. 

Anna Bellman has done hundreds of different conferences, panel debates, and plenary sessions. 


We remember 5-10 % from a traditional conference, just by listening. But if we are engaged by interaction we can remember up to 70%, a study shows. Anna likes to use interaction and interactive tools, to engage the audience and make the conference more interesting and memorable. She often uses digital interactive tools where the audience can answer questions (mentometer) and also ask questions to the speakers.

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Anna Bellman

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