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Official loser of the kingdom

Tomi Kaukinen is an energetic and straightforward serial entrepreneur who is not afraid of even the craziest of ideas. He quit his well paid job in fund management to pursue an idea conceived by an 18-year old summer intern.

Tomi did not walk the usual way on his life-path. Skipping high-school he ended up as a cleaner in the Stockholm Subway because no one wanted to hire an uneducated 16-year old. After hearing the regrets of his older colleagues’ life choices Tomi Kaukinen panicked, quit his job and decided to get into the most prestigious school in Sweden, Stockholm School of Economics.

He jumped back to high school and graduated, fueled by never wanting to go back to cleaning, with straight A’s. Four years later he graduated from Stockholm School of Economics.

With a background from both the world of finance, scaling companies outside of Finland and eventually burning out by the same job that was his passion, Kaukinen has many stories to tell, from hiring the former director of Real Madrid to his company, to managing entrepreneurial pressure and recovering from burnout.

“When I talk about entrepreneurship I talk about life. We have too many prejudices about what other people do and think. I want to remove the culture of fear from people’s lives by showing my own vulnerability and mistakes I’ve made along the way. I’ve made mistakes, but hey, here I am, alive and kicking. It’s time to make modern age more humane. Through humor and experience. If you can’t laugh at your own mistakes, you can’t live a full life!”

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Tomi Kaukinen

Tomi Kaukinen

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