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Tobias Degsell likes data, sees the world through patterns, and has a gift for brilliantly “explaining complex stuff in simple words”. People call him Change Maker, Collaboration Evangelist and Thought Leader. One of the Big Five Tech Companies even labeled him as a Gold Finder. But Tobias Degsell doesn’t care about titles. He just loves to inspire diverse teams to face reality, problem-solve, and contribute innovative solutions, no matter what. He believes in bridges. If he can add at least one “brick” to a bridge that’s helps span a gap somewhere, he is satisfied.

Before founding his own business, Combiner, Tobias Degsell worked as a curator at the Nobel Prize Museum in Stockholm. For several years he studied all the Nobel Laureates in order to try to understand how they managed to take their ideas to reality. Nowadays he helps companies and organisations all over the world to think and act new.

Popular topics: Data - collaboration and it's contribution to success

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Tobias Degsell

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