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Tine Mejlbo Sundfør - Keynote Speaker

Ph.D. in Nutrition, Writer and Researcher

Tine Mejlbo Sundfør has a master’s in clinical nutrition and a Ph.D. in Nutrition on the topic «Diets for weight loss and cardiovascular health in obesity» at the Faculty of Medicine – University of Oslo. She has broad experience from clinical work at Oslo University Hospital, from private medical centers, teaching students at bachelor and master level in nutrition, and from courses and lectures for health professionals, athletes, and employees in various companies as part of the company’s preventive health work.

Tine has participated in several media-events; mainly as an expert in popular TV shows and as a columnist in the daily and weekly press.

Nutrition and physical activity are some of the most important factors for maintaining and keeping good health, it drastically improves physical and mental fitness and allows us to feel better. However, with new diets emerging every other second, it’s hard to know the facts from myths. To Tine, the important part is showing the simplicity of science-based healthy eating. A healthy diet does not mean adopting a strict diet or giving up certain preferred foods. The keyword is balance.

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Tine Mejlbo Sundfør

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