Staffan Ehde

Staffan Ehde - Keynote Speaker

Creative Director

How do we build value for everybody? Everybody meaning the customers, staff and owners.

Staffan has been an evangelist for 20 years that the purpose is the DNA that makes an organization successful or a disaster. This is something he realized that in film the direction is what makes the difference and that translates to the purpose in organizations. Staffan’s  tools  are empathy, storytelling (we all want to be part of a story) and lateral thinking. There is no need to play with post-it notes and thinking outside the box, it is all about walking a mile in the customers shoes and feel the pain and translate that into a process that will create a “Lovemark”.

Staffan uses his methods from being a film producer for over twenty years (Educated in California 79-83 bachelor’s degree of Art). A film production is an excellent example of how you take an idea from a scribble on a napkin to a total customer experience. This is done across a magnitude of different kind of personnel, talents and budgets. In 2003 an industrial leader brought Staffan into the “company world” and since then he has been working with innovation and change in different organizations. Since 2017 he is Creative Director at Senseair a global technical company. To be inspired for an hour is possible but Staffan wishes to be the speaker version 3.0 which means he sees himself as an inspirer and facilitator in the experience economic. The idea is to immerse the participants in the method by being interactive and getting a long-lasting impression that can help everybody forward. For doing that you might need a workshop more than a speech. Staffan has written 2 books in Swedish.

Popular topics: “Not better but different", “Lateral Thinking”, “Storytelling Sucks”, “Blue Ocean-but fear”, “The ice-cream is melting”

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Staffan Ehde

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