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Sofia Rasmussen - Keynote Speaker

Trend analyst, lecturer, moderator, author and CEO

Sofia Rasmussen is a trend analyst, lecturer, moderator, author, and was nominated for MySpeaker Of The Year 2022 and named one of Veckans Affärer’s 101 super talents in 2019. She has a master’s degree in Political Science and has worked for 16 years researching the labor market and people’s work life values. She lectures to thousands of leaders and employees every year, about future working life, the young generation’s values​​, and lifestyles, how leadership and cooperation are affected by the pandemic, and how a changing working environment affects the future leaders. Sofia Rasmussen also speaks about gender equality in the workplace.

As a trend analyst, Sofia has a solid background in creating and implementing studies, giving her a lot of valuable knowledge and insights on her topics. Her lectures span from inspirational keynotes to workshops, always including a visionary and curious view of the future.

The art of attracting, retaining and leading tomorrow’s employees

AI, hybrid work, sustainability and self-leadership – these are some of the trends that are reshaping the labor market before. When the pandemic hit the world in 2020, it catapulted a speedy process of change and digitalization that affected both the demands on employers and the expectations that future employees have on their working life. At the same time, a young generation is entering the labor market that is fast-moving, connected and used to receiving immediate feedback on performance. A group that sets new demands on working life and leadership while primarily longing for meaningfulness and work life balance.
Based on international and Swedish research, Sofia discusses the new requirements that hybrid working life of the future has on employers and employees. Sofia also talks about the driving forces and expectations that characterize today’s youth. Sofia bases her presentation on both global and Swedish surveys and research as well as results from the annual survey Ungdomsfokus (2015-2022) which has collected data from over 14,000 respondents between the ages of 15 and 29.


Self-leadership in turbulent times

Self-leadership is one of the key skills of the future. The past years’ remote work has further strengthened this need. In her lecture, Sofia shares concrete tools for sharpening both ones own and others’ self-leadership. How can we take advantage of the opportunities that exist today, deepen our self-awareness, strengthen our ability to deep focus, create our own goals and act more strategically to reach them?

Sofia Rasmussen bases her presentation on global and Swedish research as well as results from the annual survey Ungdomsfokus 2015-2022. Over the years she has collected data from over 14,000 respondents between the ages of 15 and 29. She also includes results from leadership surveys and WES Insight 2021 and 2023 where more than 1600 business leaders participated.

Popular topics: The art of attracting, retaining and leading tomorrow's employees | Self-leadership in turbulent times

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Sofia Rasmussen

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