Sinan Aral - Keynote Speaker

Global Authority on Business Analytics, Award-winning Researcher, Director of MIT’s Initiative on the Digital Economy & Social Analytics Lab and Author: “The Hype Machine” (2020)

If you want to successfully compete in today’s rapidly changing digital marketplace, organizations must have a deep understanding of business analytics, which is why companies like Microsoft and Facebook tap the expertise of award-winning researcher, data scientist and MIT professor Sinan Aral. Since he is also a successful entrepreneur and venture capitalist, Professor Aral offers organizations both a scientific and real-world perspective on how to gain a competitive edge using information acquired through different digital networks.

Sinan Aral is the David Austin Professor of Management, IT, Marketing and Data Science at MIT. As an advisor and speaker, he teaches organizations how to read and leverage analytics to build business, make better decisions and plan forward, whether they are selling products or services, promoting causes or trying to prevent hacking, disinformation, fraud or election interference.

In his role as Director of the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy and its Social Analytics Lab, Professor Aral is immersed in analyzing patterns of online behavior, from social media platforms to online retail sites. He has helped numerous leading Fortune 500 firms, including Twitter, Yahoo, AirBnB, IBM, Cisco, Oracle and Intel realize business value from big data analytics, social media and IT investments. Aral also helps leaders understand the relationship between humans and machines and how artificial intelligence can play a big role in advancing innovation.

Much of Aral’s transforming work and insights are shared in his new book, ”The Hype Machine: How Social Media Disrupts Our Elections, Our Economy and Our Health – and How we must adapt”, which is poised to be a best-seller and must-read for leaders at every level of management. Twenty years in the making, the book discusses among other timely topics, the insidious ways social media is disrupting our elections, our economies and our lives and what we can do about it.

Aral’s work reaches far beyond business applications to different societal issues, like the effects of social media on a child’s brain, how social media is disrupting society and ways to combat fake news. And on the public health front he is currently studying behavioral patterns related to COVID-19 so that providers and policy makers can be better informed when making decisions around safeguarding populations all over the world.

Popular topics: The Hype Machine: Adapting to Disruptions Brought on By Social Media | “Block and Tackle” Digital Marketing | Leveraging the Science Behind Business Analytics

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Sinan Aral

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