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Siduri Poli - Keynote Speaker

Serial entrepreneur, investor and author

Siduri Poli is an award-winning serial entrepreneur, investor and author who knows how innovation and new technologies must be linked to democracy and inclusion if we want to move forward. She is the co-founder and Head of Business & Brand to one of Sweden’s largest and most important entrepreneur hubs, Changers Hub, with over 1800 members and three locations in Sweden. The aim is to democratise success and enable young people in marginalised areas to succeed with their start-up ideas.

Siduri Poli is investing and advising multiple companies and initiatives within tech, branding and social change. Today she has supported hundreds of acknowledged business leaders and aspiring young leaders accelerate their business and brand. She is also an international Keynote speaker who has delivered two TEDx-talks.

Siduri has been awarded to Future’s Most Powerful by TCO, Digital Inspirer of The Year by IDG and CIO Sweden, Super Talent of the Year by Veckans Affärer, Future Promise of The Year by Marknadsföreningen, Super Communicator of The Year by Resumé, among others.

Siduri lectures on what she is passionate about; the potential of digitization and to create a more democratic and sustainable society, and support aspiring entrepreneurs to make their ideas happen. Lectures are tailored to ensure relevance and value. Siduri Poli is an international keynote-speaker who has delivered two TEDx-talks, “Why it has never been harder to be human” and “A changers story”.

Siduri Poli is also the author of the book “Hur du lyckas i en vit värld” (“How to make it in a white world”). A guide on how to make it as an underdog and a minority based on Siduri’s own experiences. The book is released with Sweden’s biggest book publisher Bonnier.

Popular topics: A changers story | Why it has never been harder to be human

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Siduri Poli

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