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Shahrzad Kiavash - Keynote Speaker

Paralympic Athlete | Keynote Speaker

What do we do when life does not play out as expected?
Shahrzad Kiavash was 28 years old, happy and healthy when she suddenly got an unusual form of sepsis (blood poisoning). The doctors gave her a minimal chance to survive. She did survive, miraculously. But she lost her two legs.

A drastic change, in every aspect of life. When she woke up, she chose to get back to life. A new way of living. In 2015 Shahrzad completed an Olympic triathlon – without previous experience – 1500 m swimming, 40 km cycling, and 10 km running with prosthetic legs. And she didn’t stop there.

Shahrzad Kiavash tells a truly inspirational story. She delivers her story from her heart, and she talks about the highs and lows of her journey of being an athlete.

Her lecture is about being brave, setting challenging goals, finding your self and doing the impossible possible. She shares her personal story, what she learned from it, her perseverance, and how she followed her dream.

Popular topics: I had two choices - and I chose to live.

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Shahrzad Kiavash

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