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Leading Authority on the World Economy & Financial Markets

One of the City of London’s best-known economists, Roger Bootle specialises in macroeconomics and the economics of the property market. He is also Economic Adviser to Deloitte and a Specialist Adviser to the House of Commons Treasury Committee.

“Some of the greatest blunders occur not through errors of fact, but errors of logic”

Roger Bootle studied at Oxford University and then became a Lecturer in Economics at St Anne’s College, Oxford. Most of his subsequent career has been spent in the City of London. He was formerly Group Chief Economist of the HSBC Group and, before the change of government, was a member of the former Chancellor’s panel of Independent Economic Advisers, the so-called “Wise Men”. A regular columnist on The Daily Telegraph, Roger also appears frequently on national television and radio and is an Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries and a Visiting Professor at Manchester Business School.

Roger Bootle’s expertise on World and European economics is a valuable source of information for decision makers around the globe. He has a reputation for originality, forthrightness and insight which few can match. Business leaders will benefit from his astute insights and analytical brilliance of the economic landscape.

An engaging and informative speaker, Roger uses his wealth of experience to give audiences valuable insights into the current state of global economics. He is witty, incisive and to the point making him highly sought-after as a keynote and conference speaker.

Popular topics: The Trouble with Markets | The Economy and the Internet | The Euro and the Future of European Business | The World Economy | European Monetary Policy | Inflation and the Economy

Roger Bootle

Roger Bootle

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