Renee Richardson Gosline - Keynote Speaker

Leading Marketing Expert Specializing in the Intersection of Behavioral Economics and Technology; Authority and Practitioner on Brand Strategy, Customer Experience and Inclusive Leadership; MIT Senior Lecturer & Principal Research Scientist

Customer experience: it’s the difference between purchase and loyalty, says Renee Richardson Gosline – Senior Lecturer in the Management Science group at the MIT Sloan School of Management, and leading expert in the science of digital marketing and brand strategy. Big data and data analytics are furthering our understanding of the consumer decision-making process. However, quantitative models have their limitations — people continue to behave in ways that data can’t always predict accurately. Customers make choices based on the experience, not mere functionality, and with the advent of digital technology and AI, companies of every size in every industry compete on customer experience (CX). Through research and practice, Renee is helping executives and entrepreneurs integrate AI into the CX, and put the human perspective right where it belongs: at the center of every decision.

CX is fundamentally changing how firms go to market, employ AI, and engage people throughout the customer journey. Renee Richardson Gosline, also a Digital Fellow at the Stanford Digital Economy Lab, sees both challenges and opportunities in the rapidly evolving customer-brand relationship, all of which require companies to create a culture of experimentation and embrace multi-method data approaches to build and preserve loyalty and trust.

Her early career as a marketer at LVMH Moet Hennessy and Leo Burnett, coupled with her current work as a Research Scientist at MIT’s Initiative on The Digital Economy, has enabled organizations including IBM, P&G, Johnson & Johnson and BMW to implement her different powerful insights for understanding what customers really want, and how that affects technology adoption and brand strategy.

Renee takes the impact of her research a step further into her engaging and humorous keynotes and workshops, helping business leaders around the world dissect and dismantle the biases that affect us all and inform the decisions we make.

Popular topics: Nudging Breakthrough Customer Experience Strategy | More Than Just Data: The Fundamentals of Building a Brand | A Leadership Issue: Applying Branding Principles to Combat Unconscious Bias

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Renee Richardson Gosline

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