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Renata Chlumska is an adventurer and mountain climber, and she has seen more of the world than most.

Renata was the first Swedish woman (and Czech, she has dual citizenships) to conquer the ”Seven summits” (the highest mountains on each of the seven continents). In 2005 she embarked on her ”Around America Adventure,” where she used only a kayak and a bicycle to circumnavigate USA:s lower 48 states. She paddled a kayak from Seattle to San Diego, bicycled with the kayak on a carriage from San Diego to Brownsville, Texas, continued kayaking around Florida to Eastport, Maine, and then bicycled back to Seattle. It took her 439 days.

In Renata’s lecture you will get a mix of fantastic stories from worlds far from ours, but still with the opportunity to connect and draw parallels with everyday challenges. Even if the locations are far away from a somewhat more “ordinary” work environment, the preparations, implementation, and challenges are closely related to workplace issues around leadership, teams, and change processes.

These kinds of adventures are large-scale projects that involve many people, and to succeed, you have to have a strong and dedicated team. The core of her lectures is on the ability to lead a big project, how to build a great team and how to lead yourself to reach your goal.

Popular topics: Motivation, goals and communication | Ledarskap, team and change

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Renata Chlumska

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