Priyanka Banerjee - Keynote Speaker

Diversity & Inclusion Coach and Communication Specialist

Priyanka Banerjee is an experienced communication specialist, a keynote speaker and a diversity & inclusion coach. Priyanka has several years of experience in managing diverse teams and is specialized in global client & customer interactions.
She worked with teams and leaders across the globe as a consultant while working in one of the worlds largest IT company. Her experience working in a highly diverse environment got her passionate in creating high performing multicultural teams and enhancing team productivity. She has also consulted several Nordic startups & early-stage startups in enhancing their limited team efficiency and moderated panels on similar topics.
Her mission is to help leaders and companies understand the power of diversity and utilize it to unleash the hidden potential of their teams. She believes immigration has huge potential in the Nordics and is committed to developing ways for leaders to accelerate workforce integration in their companies.
Priyanka Banerjee talks about topics like enhancing workplace innovation using the power of diversity, managing multicultural teams, increasing a diverse team’s efficiency, getting leaders ready for the future of the workforce and so on.

Popular topics: Enhancing workplace innovation using the power of diversity | Increasing a diverse team's efficiency | Leading multicultural teams | Getting leaders ready for the future of the workforce | How Nordics can reap the benefits of immigration?

Priyanka Banerjee

Priyanka Banerjee

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