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Petra Malm - Keynote Speaker

Former Special Forces soldier, trainer, coach

Petra Malm is a former soldier of the Swedish Special Forces who shifted her secret life in the military and became a lecturer and a trainer. As the first female Petra Malm passed the test to SOG (Swedish Special Forces). Over a decade, Petra lived a secret life as an elite soldier on the front line.

Hear her story, from a warzone to everyday life. Petra has a long experience in complex military operations, in Sweden and internationally. How do you live a life in secret? How do you prepare for a mission in a high-risk region? How is it to be a part of an effective team, and how do you get there? Petra’s 17 years in the military give her a unique experience in teambuilding, leadership, motivation, and building resilience. She is an expert in human behaviors, group dynamics, social patterns, and leadership in difficult situations.

Petra Malm is known for taking part in the popular TV show “SAS Who Dares Wins” in Chile and the Andes. It aired in the UK starting in January 2019. In 2021 she is an elite trainer in the Swedish version of the program, “Elitstyrkans hemligheter”.

Popular topics: How to create effective teams | Be your own pioneer

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Petra Malm

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