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Per Lange is one of Scandinavia’s most sought after speaker in sales, communication and “growth mindset”. He lectures in a unique way on job satisfaction and motivation.

Per Lange has trained thousands of employees and managers and lectured for hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. His sales-tools are used by hundreds of Nordic organizations.

Modern sales are about helping the customer succeed! The view puts new demands on the sales force and the entire organization. Do we really understand what the customer wants to succeed with? How do we identify and rank the customer’s needs? And how can we get better at making sure that the customer really gets successful with our product or service?

Per Lange has a unique speaking style and it is described fun and energetic. He has a unique ability to enthuse his audience. He is known for being able to change a person’s view of himself and potential – and therefore behavior. Because it’s our ideas about ourselves, about other people and the world that governs our actions.

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Per Lange

Per Lange

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