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Per Holknekt is one of Sweden’s top rated and most popular speakers, nominated “Speaker of the year 2017”. The stories and teachings from his rollercoaster life and experiences are very compelling. It is his huge variety archive of experiences that make him unique. Per is a very well-known Swedish entrepreneur and the founder of several companies. Up until today he has started 34 companies / brands. The most successful of which is the clothing company Odd Molly that he founded together with Karin Jimfelt-Ghatan. They became “Founders of the Year” in 2010 at Sweden’s annual entrepreneurial gala Entreprenörsgalan.

Five years before Per and Karin started Odd Molly (today listed on Nasdaq), Per was homeless. Major parts of the stories are born in southern California, where Per lived and worked as a skateboard proffesional for many years.

As a speaker Per Holknet is fun, motivational and moving. With over 1000 + speeches in Scandinavia Per is now moving international. During his career as a speaker he has been working with different universities, major banks and companies, like IKEA, and PwC. A wide range in different industries.

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Per Holknekt

Per Holknekt

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