Nora Rosendahl - Keynote Speaker

Researcher and Writer of Working Life and Stress | Growth Entrepreneur and Mom

Nora Rosendahl is a startup entrepreneur and researcher specialising in work and stress. Nora is passionate about productive, human-centred ways of working – how can you fulfil your potential without exhausting yourself?

Nora has previously worked as a business consultant focusing on transformation in high-tech companies. She became interested in the relationship between the individual and the organisation – how to bring about change on human terms. Nora is currently COO at Fifth Corner Inc. and an Aalto University researcher of the future of work. Fifth Corner Inc. helps employees build new, meaningful routines. Nora has appeared and written articles for e.g. the Financial Times 125 Women’s Forum.

Nora knows the pros and cons of stress. She used to work 80+ hours per week. Nora Rosendahl became pregnant with her first child when the startup was at a challenging stage of development. She knows from personal experience what it is like to stretch yourself to the extreme, and she learnt how to manage stress, but also how to channel it to drive top performance. Meaningful work always involves a degree of stress.

Popular topics: AI, the changing face of work and what it means to the individual | Stress – my story about coping and reaching for the top | Why work in the future will be human-centred – and how to make it happen | Millennials revolutionising the world of work

Nora Rosendahl

Nora Rosendahl

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