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Nicholas Fernholm - Keynote Speaker

Keynote speaker and robot expert

Nicholas Fernholm is the former logistics manager at Älvsjö epidemic hospital, “robot manager” at the Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm, and project manager for Region Stockholm’s supply of personal protective equipment. Nicholas lectures on how society, organizations, and individuals are affected by the technological shifts and changes in the world around them.

We are probably, as a society, facing the most fast-paced change in human history. The Corona crisis has shaken the world, and automation and digitalization continue to challenge the way we work. Values and ideologies are questioned. Many of our frameworks and traditions are not adapting to the change fast enough.

It is estimated that 50% of all tasks will be automated within 15-20 years. We need to prepare both organizations and individuals for an increasingly complex world with another kind of workplace.

It is natural to feel a bit lost and overwhelmed with all-new insights. Nicholas Fernholm addresses these topics with an optimistic approach. He provides his audience with inspiration, laughter, and excitement for the future.

Popular topics: The Shift to a Digital Generation | Inspiration for the Future | How will the new generation work in 15 years? | How do you prepare for a Digital Social Change? | The new digital paradigm | The future of automation and society

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Nicholas Fernholm

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