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Mikael Meijer - Keynote Speaker

e-Commerce & retail Expert

Mikael Meijer is a successful leader with vast experience in e-Commerce, retail and digital marketplaces across Europe, US and Asia. With an entrepreneurial mindset and passion to deliver extraordinary results he has both within multinational enterprises and start-ups, developed effective sales- and marketing strategies which has generated exponential growth and/or billions in revenue.

Mikael speaks about digital trends and tech related to retail and e-Commerce, business development, growth hacking as well as digital marketing, conversion rate optimization (CRO) and personalization.

Reoccurring topics in Mikael Meijer’s presentations is the need of agility and flexibility in times of exponential digital transformation, finding solutions to develop companies with the use of data-driven decision-making processes, as well as the importance of clear objectives, use cases and analytical mindset to successfully incorporate new tech and adapting to digital trends.

Via a valuable blend of sales leadership, resourcefulness and financial skills that combine efficiency with imagination to produce highly effective bottom-line results, Mikael Meijer guides us through innovative methods and real use cases to succeed in business.

He has an exceptional ability to enter new environments and produce immediate results transferrable across different industries. Always with a positive mindset, openness and willingness to inspire and share knowledge.

Mikael’s lectures are relevant for all corporate sizes with product- and/or service-based offerings, public sector and anyone interested in finding the right retail/e-Commerce strategy to grow their business.

Popular topics: eCommerce Optimization and Growth: A Framework for Success | Retail and eCommerce innovation | Personalization, Experimentation and Data in eCommerce | omni-channel strategy and diversification

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Mikael Meijer

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