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Olympic speed skater

Mika Poutala is a four-time Olympic speedskater, a motivational speaker and one of the most positive people in Finland. Poutala’s professional sporting career lasted over a decade, with 130+ days of travel each year. He has celebrated huge successes and suffered painful losses. He came fifth in the Winter Olympics in Vancouver in 2010, and eight years later, in PyeongChang in 2018, he lost the bronze medal by three hundredths of a second.

Mika Poutala has published a book on the demands of success (2015), in which he shows that the skills that he learnt on the skating circuit have stood him in good stead in the world of business and life in general. Poutala talks candidly about his failures or poor performances so that his readers can avoid the same mistakes. Truly multi-talented, Poutala is also a rapper in his spare time under the stage name “Plastic”, and he composed the official Team Finland themes for the Torino 2006 and Vancouver 2010 winter games.

Popular topics: What does success demand?| The foundation for winning | Meaningful life

Mika Poutala

Mika Poutala

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