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Mattias Fras - Keynote Speaker

Group Head of AI Hub, Nordea

AI is a state of mind. It is about a new mindset and values. It is about thinking about problem-solving in new ways.

That means driving change in companies and institutions changes fundamentally. Not only organizational change but also individual change. Going from linear thinking to transformational thinking. From 10% impact to 10x. From process centricity to data centricity. From doing the best you can with what you’ve got to re-imagine and design the new.

In the coming years, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) will have an increasing impact on every industry. As well as on society. Some experts compare AI with electricity and how that transformed all industries a hundred years ago as an analogy. Although we do not know exactly how and when, we know it will have an impact on our lives and our work – and we need to make a choice if we believe it will be for the better.

Mattias Fras has worked with change for most of his 23 career years. First half as a management consultant across many industries such as automotive, medical, transportation, media, public service, manufacturing, tele communications, etc… and second half within Nordea introducing new technologies such as robotics, chatbots and machine learning applications.

In 2015 he got an epiphany. It was when software robotics was introduced to the wider market. The thought that a technology tool could move across any application and do work of an almost infinite amount of human labor at the fraction of the cost was mind-blowing. Since then Mattias Fras has been an integral part of building up Nordea’s capabilities around new technology, but with focus on people and mindset.

Even though most of the talk these days revolves around data & technology it has never been more about people. Because it is people that make it happen. The myths regarding AI as something magical are still prevailing. And it is becoming a distraction hindering people and companies to focus on the most important areas such as data literacy, problem-solving, ecosystem thinking & learning.

The rate of learning is the single most important factor for companies in this decade. The highest rate of learning wins. Just as machines need data to learn (machine learning), people need data and incentives to learn (people learning). In times of uncertainty of how the future of every industry will look like, the best you can do is to make sure you understand the present, can be fast to adapt and have people who can make the right decisions continuously, adopt new solutions ad adapt to new ways of working.

Mattias Fras speaks Swedish and English.

Popular topics: AI is about culture | Problem solving 10x | Solving problems in the age of AI

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Mattias Fras

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