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Mattias Alexandrov Klum - Keynote Speaker

Photographer, cinematographer and director

Mattias Alexandrov Klum has worked full-time as a photographer since 1986, and as a cinematographer and director on numerous film and television projects since 1994. In 1997 National Geographic Magazine published Mattias Alexandrov Klum’s photographs for the first time. That made him the first Swede and one of National Geographic’s youngest contributors at the time.

Mattias Alexandrov Klum is internationally recognized for describing and portraying animals, plants, and natural and cultural settings in the form of articles, books, films, lectures and exhibitions. His artistic photographic language has rendered him success not only in the world of documentaries but also in the art scene.

Mattias Alexandrov Klum is an internationally sought-after lecturer and has given countless lectures worldwide. His pictures and unique experiences make his lectures unique and inspiring.

A selection of business customers Tällberg Foundation, Clinton Global Initiative, The Royal Palace of Sweden, Prince Albert II Foundation, Apple, The Prince’s Trust, IKEA, National Geographic Society, WWF, Ermenegildo Zegna Group, Chautauqua Institution, Audi, American Express and Sweco, among others.

Popular topics: Worlds worth saving

Mattias Alexandrov Klum

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