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Mary Juusela - Keynote Speaker

Lecturer, Value Founder, School Developer & CEO

Mary Juusela is one of the Nordic region’s foremost experts in values, tolerance and humane sustainability. She lectures on human behavior and on how individuals and groups go further by being open, more inclusive and empathetic.

Mary is often hired as an inspirational lecturer during leadership conferences, staff days and many tailor-made events throughout Sweden, on Åland and more and more in Finland. Up to 60,000 people have so far listened to her lectures where she makes the participants see themselves and their surroundings in a new way.

Mary’s unique knowledge comes from the world – unique study when she lived at home with 700 families all over Sweden for 10 years. Mary wanted to find out what happens to our potential when we are exposed to exclusion through negative attitudes, prejudices or jargon. At a time when a majority of Western workers do not feel seen at work and empathy has fallen by 40 percent, the tools and insights that Mary shares are highly relevant.

In addition to being a popular lecturer, Mary Juusela is the CEO and owner of the education company Lika Olika, which coaches Swedish and international customers, in the private and public sectors, to focus on the people to increase the numbers on the bottom line. Åland and Finland are large markets. Lika Olika has many assignments from school Sweden and 200 schools have to date undergone their three-year rocket that focuses on behavior and fundamental values ​​throughout the primary school. This business is growing and the references speak for themselves – Equally Different really makes a difference.

Welcome to lectures with seriousness, humor, warmth and insight. Lectures about you, about me and about us that provide insights and tools that make us all better for each other.

Mary Juusela gives about 70 lectures a year. She has extensive experience from digital productions, and with her message really goes through the camera.

Popular topics: The modern leader speaks with the heart | Kitchen table tolerance - It starts with you! | 60% potential | I'm not my skin color | Equally Different - your full potential

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Mary Juusela

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