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Expert in Well-Being and Performance in Companies

Malene Rydahl is a writer, keynote speaker and executive coach. She is specialized in well-being and performance in companies inspired by the Danish leadership model. She was born in Denmark and has lived in Paris for more than 20 years. Malene Rydahl explores why Danish employees are some of the happiest in the world and how that leadership style directly impacts results financially in a positive way.

Based on her research and extensive corporate experience, Malene exposes how corporations can increase engagement, innovation and performance amongst employees. Studies have observed that a vast majority of employees around the world are not engaged in their work. This results in high staff turn-over, increased sick leave and above all lack of creativity, innovation and productivity.

As a keynote speaker, Malene Rydahl is in high demand on the booking circuit. She connects with audiences on a personal level as she imparts her message; happy, engaged employees hold the key to business success. Able to discuss such topics as trust, purpose and interpersonal relationships, the multilingual speaker presents the conditions necessary for personal and professional growth, including autonomy, innovation and change management. Malene envisages a society where happiness and positive relationships are the central drive to our success.

Coupled with an interactive Q&A session, Malene’s keynote speeches discuss the importance of employee engagement, wellbeing and a work/life balance. In the current climate, nearly every industry is in a constant state of growth. Though this is pushing the potential for innovation, it also leaves many companies desperately trying to keep up with the frequent changes. Malene’s speeches equip corporate audiences with the toolbox needed to stay ahead of the entire curve. Her passion for innovation sparks creativity and communication, inspiring greatness in audiences.

Malene Rydahl is the author of the best-selling book “Happy as a Dane” (Heureux comme un Danois – Grasset) published in more than 12 languages. The book was awarded the prize of the most optimistic book in 2014. She wrote a second book, “Le bonheur sans illusions” (The illusions of happiness), published in 2017 by Flammarion.

Malene Rydahl travels the world to share with executive leaders and companies her findings on how the leadership style in business directly impacts performance positively as well as fosters trust, creativity and engagement. She works with major French and multinational companies as a keynote speaker and helps integrate and activate the programs through her master classes and executive coaching on leadership and well-being.

Popular topics: Happiness at Work | Well-being and performance | Trust, Empathy and Purpose | Engagement | Future of work

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Malene Rydahl

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