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Louise Opprud Jakobsen - Keynote Speaker

Author, futurist and keynote speaker

Louise Opprud Jakobsen has many years of experience helping companies into the digital paradigm.

She is the former Creative Lead of Innovation Lab, one of Scandinavia’s first innovation think tanks. Today she works with a global horizontal outlook, experiences from front-running companies and pioneers, and the tools needed to revamp existing realities.

Louise Opprud Jakobsen is an international keynote speaker a has spent the last 12 years interviewing and visiting more than 500 key profiles, researchers, and front-end innovators at Spotify, Pixar, the Moonshot factory at Google, LEGO Ventures, Stanford University, Airbnb, NASA and many more to get deep insights into new ways of working and research-based strategies for creative performance.

She delivers extensive programs for companies about how to redesign work to be sustainable, ensure well-being and make room for the types of work that have value in the future.

Louise has done keynotes for more than 50,000 people in Scandinavia, Europe, UAE and the US about Research based Strategies for New ways of working. Today she lives in Copenhagen.

Louise has co-founded several innovation networks in Scandinavia, among others the world’s first co-creation network and Future50. She also paved the way for Region Midtjylland in the international network “Districts of Creativity”, so Aarhus was able to host the much renowned conference Creativity World Forum in 2017.

Louise Opprud Jakobsen is author of the book “21st Century Mindset”, which delves into the dilemma of catering for real time needs in a time where required skills are changing faster than the employee basis of most organizations. In the book she features interviews with key-figures from the world’s most innovative companies and combines it with her core fields of expertise;

  • The skills of tomorrow: If you work with technology, your competencies will last 4-5 years – how do you ensure you and your team have the skills to win?
  • New innovation formats & organizing principles: how do you gear your organization to keep up with the disruptive landscape?
  • Performance Science: how you can use NeuroScience to drive creativity up 300%, enhance your productivity by more than 30% and use happiness strategically to drive your team performance and bottom line results.


New lecture

Work Design – your brain & the future of work

Today, valuable work demands more originality, innovation and creativity from all of us. Work is becoming increasingly complex and cognitively demanding and requires our daily best performance and creative thinking. So, how do we design our work from a brain perspective, to foster way more accomplishment, less stress and way more creative output? And what has your happiness to do with a 300% boost in innovation?

In this session we will take a deep dive into the NeuroSciences that explains how creativity works, and how you can design your work for your best performance and brilliance. We will look at what impacts your creative output, such as your circadian rhythm, your attention span, cognitive switching, deep thinking, your flow states and happiness – and then together discuss how to design a work life optimal for your brain’s way of performing.

This keynote can be tailored within:

  • Focus & flowstates
  • Creative thinking
  • Happiness & well-being
  • The redesign of meetings & emails
  • Sustainable work-strategies

The session can be run as a keynote (45-60 mins) or a workshop (90-120) mins.

Popular topics: Work Design - your brain & the future of work | The NeuroScience of Creativity | The New Ways of Working | 21st Century Skills & Mindset

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Louise Opprud Jakobsen

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