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Lisa Ekström is a well-known Swedish speaker and inspirational performer. Lisa Ekström is the founder of the company Kamoja. The company name and word Kamoja springs from Lisa’s international upbringing. “Kamoj” means to borrow or snitch in Thai. An “a” at the end makes it a Swedish verb, so as in borrowing an idea or a good story, or in using someone else’s success to succeed – steal with pride.

With more than 20 years of experience in leadership within sales and customer relations, Lisa Ekström inspires in a unique way. With amazing energy and charisma she delivers stunning aha experiences on stage. Her performances contain a great mix of anecdotes and personal experiences, and she shares both successes and mistakes without prestige.

Lisa has received numerous awards: “2007’s Success Scholarship”, IHM Business School (in honour of her change management at Scandinavian Airline Systems, SAS) “One of Sweden’s best speakers” (2012) by the Swedish magazine, CHEF, “Speaker of the Year” (2014) and “Stora Målpriset” (Great Goal Award)(2015).



Popular topics: The world's best leader | How I stole great customer service - with pride! | Creating heroes

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Lisa Ekström

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