Kenton Cool - Keynote Speaker

Everest Climber, High Altitude Leader & Engaging Speaker

With 11 Everest Summits under his belt amongst other incredible feats of human achievement, Kenton Cool is Britain’s most successful Everest mountaineer. He is the second most successful Western Mountaineer of all times on Everest and claimed an historic three peaks record for Britain in Everest’s 60th anniversary year.

As a high altitude leader, Kenton says he “fulfils others’ dream” by enabling his clients to reach the top of the world’s highest mountain. He has great insights in decision making, mitigating risk, adapting to change, building great teams and empowering individuals. In 2012 Kenton fulfilled the Samsung Olympic Games Pledge by taking an Olympic Gold medal awarded to the 1922 Everest Expedition at the 1924 Winter Olympics by Baron Pierre de Coubertin, to the top of Mount Everest, thus fulfilling a 90 year old Pledge to see one of the medals successfully reach the summit. In 2011 Kenton became the focus of the world’s media after proving that 3G was now accessible on the summit of Mount Everest. He then went on to enter the record books for sending the first and only Tweet from the summit and making many lists of the most epic tweets of all time.

In his presentations Kenton explores the direct comparisons between summit expeditions and business, focusing on the themes of teambuilding, leadership, motivation and facing personal fears in adverse situations. His years in the mountains, both a climber and Expedition Leader have taught him how to face and overcome challenges, whilst bringing out the best in those around him.

Popular topics: Overcoming and Facing Challenges | Touching the Sky: Inspiring to Succeed | Inspiration |Team Building | Leadership: Adapt to Change | Be The Best You Can Be | Time Critical Decisions | Facing Personal Fears in Adverse Situations

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Kenton Cool

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