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In a life characterized by constant change, it becomes increasingly important to know a few things about how our brain works. With the help of psychology, we can obtain tools to navigate change and to create habits that last over time – habits that support our well-being. Happiness psychologist Katarina Blom talks about how we can create sustainable well-being in times of change.

Katarina is passionate about dispelling myths and rumors about what makes us happy, and shows in an entertaining and interactive way what science and research have to teach us about human well-being. At her lectures, participants are given tools on how to create change in everyday life and also tries out short exercises that increases well-being on the spot. The talks always focus on how we can strengthen both ourselves and each other, and after a lecture all participants have new ideas and tools on how to create a positive change.

Katarina’s TEDx talk about happiness have more than 1,5 million views on Youtube.


Seriously Happy – how to strengthen yourself and others
How much of our happiness level is determined by genetics, and how much is affected by our surroundings, like our paycheck for example? What is the most important factor for our well-being? (Hint! It is not our paycheck…) And if positive thoughts aren’t an effective way to create happiness, then what is? In this talk Katarina shares a clear and accessible model for well-being that everyone can benefit from.

Well-being via Values
Did you know that 45% of everything we do each day is done by routine? What routines and habits have the greatest impact on our well-being? How can we view organizational values as everyday routines? In this lecture, the values of the organisation transforms from being just an idea on paper to becoming everyday activities. Everyone will gain an understanding of the principles guiding a value-based behavior change, that lasts both today and in the long term.

The sustainable workplace – in times of change
What are the common traps that a stressed organization can end up in? How is the brain and our actions affected by stress versus feeling safe? Why is stress a hindrance for evolving strategic actions? And what exactly do we need to do to strengthen each other in order to navigate times of change as a group? Katarina guides us towards increased sustainability in the workplace in this talk backed by research and interactive exercises.

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