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Diversity and inclusion are nowadays a given – right? It should be, as well as the fact that it can be directly linked to business results and therefore must be integrated into the company’s strategy.

Customers, owners, employees and our entire society benefit from diversity and inclusion.

Karin Callin has for several years worked on successful concepts at large companies where the aim is to inspire and systematize daily work with diversity and inclusion. The positive effects are many: we become more efficient, more innovative, more motivated and engaged at all levels of the company AND we attract future talent.

Karin Callin shares experiences of how to implement a systematic diversity and inclusion strategy within large global organizations, what the success factors are and what challenges there may be along the way. With a down-to-earth approach, many illustrative, concrete examples and a lot of humor, Karin inspires to accelerate diversity and inclusion work.

Karin also has extensive experience as a manager, and for the past twelve years, she has worked with leadership development and training at Scania and Martin & Servera.

Her passion for diversity and inclusion was awakened during the three years Karin worked for Scania in India. There she got to experience what it is like not to belong to the norm and that equality cannot be taken for granted. She also learned how we can benefit from diversity, as well as how good results can be achieved through inclusive culture.

Popular topics: Diversity & Inclusion is big business not small talk

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